Stafford American Legion Post 290

Post Officers and Executive Committee

2022-2023 Officer Elections

On May 10, 2022, elections were held for the designated positions by the General Membership for the 2022-2023 Service Year.  The list of officers is posted below:

Current Officers for 2022-2023 Service Year

Billet Name E-Mail Phone
Commander Steve Robertson

1st Vice Commander VACANT   
2nd Vice Commander Lewis Bunch
3rd Vice Commander John Patrick 
Adjutant Mike Scullin

Finance Officer Robert Ponzo 540-659-7212
Service Officer Jim "Doc" Richie  

Chaplain John Humphrey

Judge Advocate Doug Osborn 703-200-0543
Historian Brandy Fitzgerald  
PAO Bonnie Nichols 

Sergeant-At-Arms Rick Schultz 703-929-4799
Executive Committee - 3yr John Cox 540-295-4807
Executive Committee - 3yr Erin Fox 703-200-2881
Executive Committee - 2yr Brian "BJ" Payne 540-446-6064
Executive Committee - 2yr Mike Flanagan 540-602-8808
Executive Committee - 1yr John Hess    
Executive Committee - 1yr Ken White 540-846-4053


Board of Officers

Stafford American Legion Post 290 Corporation  


 Bruce Miller 


 John Cox


 Steve Robertson


 Mike Flanagan


 BJ Payne

Additional Contact Information:

Post 290 Legion Hall:  540-659-4461