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P.O. Box 125, Stafford, Virginia 22555

Stafford American Legion Post 290




Since our charter in 1947, our American Legion Post has been welcoming VETERANS from all branches of our Armed Forces. Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble below.

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To the wonderful patriotic citizens of the Stafford community. Join our Post as a Booster or sponsor. (click Sponsor or Booster Button for details). 100% of the monies raised are given back to the community. Help us to continue sponsoring Scholarships for our children; give aid and assistance to our local needy Veterans and their families. Help us to continue to support financially worthy community programs and projects.


Upcoming events at Post 290:
March 29th:  Girls State Interviews, beginning at 3pm - see Girls State Tab for more information
March 30th:  Boys State Interviews, beginning at 6pm - see Boys State Tab for more information
April 5th:  Easter Egg Hunt at the Sports Complex, 2pm
April 14th:  Monthly General Membership Meeting, 7:30pm - 2015-2016 Officer Nominations
April 18th:  250 Club Dinner
April 19th:  Girls State Informational Meeting, 3pm - Mandatory for students selected to attend and at least one parent
April 20th:  Boys State Informational Meeting, 7pm - Mandatory for students selected to attend and at least one parent
April 25th:  WWII Memorial Trip
April 27th:  Monthly Executive Board Meeting, 7:30pm
May 1st:  Scholarship Interviews
May 12th:  Monthly General Membership Meeting, 7:30pm - 2015-2016 Officer Elections
BINGO: Every Wednesday and Friday! $1,000 Jackpot

Club Room: Our Post Club Room is opened from 5pm until 10 pm every Wed and Friday night. On Sat nights ,we are open from 5pm until 10 pm. You should take this opportunity to stop by and check out what’s happening in the Club Room. On Saturday nights we have game night and Wii Bowling. Come on out and have some fun and do a bit of socializing.


Motorized Wheelchair Available for Use

The Post has a motorized wheelchair available for use that is in excellent condition.  If you have a need, or know someone who does, please contact Fred Miller for more information, 540-845-0011.





 2014-2015 Officer Elections

American Legion Post 290 Officer Elections Every year, our Post holds an election of officers to lead the post through the next year. In accordance with our Post Bylaws, I have asked Past Commander Don Shiffert to chair the committee charged with the responsibility for selecting a slate of folks for the election. The slate should be complete by our April Monthly meeting on Tuesday, 14 April 2015, with elections to follow at our May meeting. Do you want to serve in some capacity? Past Commander Shiffert is looking for you! He would like to include your name on the slate and we would like to vote for you. Send him an email at or give him a call at 540-538-6593 or come to a meeting and see him there. If you want to serve and do not know where to choose, go to our web page at and read the duties of all the officers there in our Bylaws. If you do not call, we reserve the right to call you and draft you. Better to volunteer than to be drafted.

John Cox
Commander, Post 290

The following members have been nominated to the designated positions by the General Membership for the 2015-2016 Service Year.   

Billet Name E-Mail Phone
1st Vice Commander  
2nd Vice Commander      
3rd Vice Commander  
Finance Officer      
Service Officer  
Asst. Service Officer      
Judge Advocate      
Executive Committee - 3yr      
Executive Committee - 3yr      
Executive Committee - 2yr Mickey Collis    
Executive Committee - 2yr John Hess    
Executive Committee - 1yr Ron Altstaetter    
Executive Committee - 1yr Don Shiffert    

Legion launches TBI/PTSD survey for veterans

Click on the link below to access the survey:


 General Membership Meeting Minutes are now being posted to the website!

Click here for the minutes from our most recent meeting, 12/10/2013

Previous Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2014

January 14, 2014

December 10, 2013

November 12,2013

October 8, 2013

September 10, 2013


Subject: Renewal of Membership online

To All,

The time, effort and postage of American Legion membership dues renewal can all be saved through the new online Automatic Annual Renewal Program, now available nationwide.

Members can simply go to and click "Renew Now" to safely and conveniently pay their post dues on an annual, automatic basis. Once a member enters the information requested, he or she can set the account for automatic annual renewal. Automatic renewal can also be set up by calling the toll-free American Legion customer service line at (800) 433-3318.

Following all industry standards to protect the personal financial safety of members, The American Legion will maintain a record of those participating in the program and, at the beginning of each new membership year, will automatically process the renewal, charging it to the credit or debit card of the member’s choice. The transaction would occur about July 15 of each year.

Once dues are successfully renewed automatically online, members will receive confirmation by email. It is, therefore, important that The American Legion has updated email addresses for participating members. To report a change of email address, phone number or other contact information, members can call toll-free (800) 433-3318, send an email to, or go online at and use the "Change Address" option.

American Legion post dues rates can change one year to the next. Post dues rates in effect at the time of the automatic renewal will be applied.

Members can cancel participation in the Automatic Annual Renewal Program at any time. The cancellation will be applied to any future charges, and will not affect the benefits of any dues paid for the current year. All cancellation requests must be received by June 30 each year in order to ensure cancellation prior to the mid-July automatic renewal time.

Cancellation requests can be submitted by email to or in writing to:

The American Legion Customer Service
PO Box 1954
Indianapolis, IN 46206

To complete a cancellation, the Legionnaire must include Member ID number, name, address, the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card number used, and a daytime telephone number in case customer-service representatives have any questions. Also helpful in the cancellation process is the transaction number that appears on the confirmation form received at the time automatic renewal is established.

Anytime members want to change the credit or debit card number used for the Automatic Renewal Program, or report a new expiration date, they can do so easily by calling the toll-free customer-service line at (800) 433-3318.


Items of Interest:

  Post 290 is on Facebook! 


For the military retirees in our ranks there appears to be a major change projected for TRICARE Prime on 1 October 2013.  Click on the link below for information concerning the upcoming changes . .,15240,254518,00.html


Attention retired Legionnaires! Your TRICARE Prime benefits may be impacted during 2013 if you don't speak up. Defense officials are expected to announce that military retirees and their dependents that live more than 40 miles from a military treatment facility or BRAC (base closure) site will lose access to TRICARE Prime as early as next April. This move could force as many as 171,000 retirees to shift to TRICARE Standard, which would mean an increase in out-of-pocket costs--especially those with special needs dependents or other chronic health issues. For more information and links to contact your legislative representatives, visit:



HELP WANTED:  Post 290 is looking for volunteers to serve as members of the Honor Guard.  Uniform shirts and trousers are provided.  If interested, contact Fred Miller for more information.




Click on the Events Calendar tab for additional information


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